Manchester Primary Menu

Our Fresh Fayre menu provides your child with lots of choice every lunchtime and ensures that they always have their first choice. Each day, your child can choose a meal from one of the following food stations:

  • 85074 Fresh Fayre Characters Undressed 72Dpi 4Pasta Point - from wholemeal pasta twirls and bows to spaghetti, served with a variety of vegetarian sauces and accompaniments
  • Sandwich Station - offering a range of breads and wraps with a choice of fillings, and regular hot sandwich specials
  • Spud Spot - jacket potatoes with a choice of hot and cold meat free fillings and jacket specials too85074 Fresh Fayre Characters Undressed 72Dpi 7
  • Cook's Choice - serving popular and traditional dishes including; fish dishes, roast dinners, curry with rice and delicious homemade pizza

Three of the food stations will be available at your child's school on a daily basis, alongside a salad bar where children can help themselves to a wide range of seasonal salad items and homemade breads.

You may be wondering, 'what about the pudding', well at Manchester Fayre we have 'second course' choices which offer fruit and yoghurt every day in addition to lighter and some savoury options. This has been a conscious decision made by us to support the health of our customers, and as a result we have observed a dramatic reduction in the sugar served in our menus, for more information about this, click here.

You can view a sample menu and to find out more information about our current menu please click here

Where there is a requirement we also provide Halal meals in schools. To see the answers to our most frequently asked questions about Halal meals, please click here

We can cater for pupils with special dietary requirements, look in our 'Food' section for more information on how this can be arranged.

Please check which food stations are available at your child's school and have a look at our current menu:85074 Fresh Fayre Characters Undressed 72Dpi 2

To see which menu week we are currently following, please click here to view a copy of our menu schedule.