Manchester Primary Menu

A new and exciting school lunch menu has arrived. This menu will provide more flexibility and will be bespoke to each school. Meaning that the school lunch provided will be more popular than ever!

The new menu features all the school meal favourites and is designed for the Unit Manager, with their school, to select dishes enjoyed the most by their pupils. This new menu has more choice for the children, which will help them to try new foods, and explore different flavours.
Here is an example of the new menu:

World Food Wednesday

Meal Choice 1
Unit Manager prepares and serves one of the following meal choices:

Southern Style Chicken
Tandoori Chicken

Meal Choice 2
Unit Manager prepares and serves one of the following meal options:

Chickpea & Potato Curry
Quorn Fajita

Meal Choice 3
Unit Manager prepares and serves one of the following meal options:

Cheese & Potato Quesadilla
Mediterranean Shells


If you are wondering what about the pudding? Ever mindful of the health of our customers, our menus feature a variety of fruit and yoghurt (and even some savoury) combinations therefore exceeding the current standards for school meals - in the last year alone we’ve removed 62% of added sugar from our menus, which equates to 100,000 bags of sugar!

We are also proud of our Food for Life Served Here bronze award – providing the independent recognition that we serve freshly prepared, seasonal menus that are free from controversial additives.

The new menu concept has been a success in all the pilot schools, with lots of positive feedback:

“The new menu concept provides the children with a wide variety of choices and helps them explore more tastes and flavours” Feedback from a Lunchtime Organiser.

“The new three menu cycle means there is less repetition with the dishes as pasta, jacket and sandwiches are less frequent” Feedback from a Head Teacher.

“As the new menu concept allows Unit Managers to select the dishes best suited to their school, it ensures that waste is to a minimum at the end of each service”.


The menu is adaptable for different cultural and dietary requirements. We can cater for pupils with special dietary requirements, look in our 'Food' section for more information on how this can be arranged. Also, where there is a requirement we provide Halal meals in schools. To see the answers to our most frequently asked questions about Halal meals, please click here

If you have any questions relating to the menu or catering service that we provide, in the first instance please speak to the Unit Manager in the kitchen.