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cati_readingCati joins a tennis club

Cati felt very nervous! Today was not like any ordinary Friday evening, today she was going to tennis coaching for the very first time. She had heard about Caerphilly Tennis Club from her friend Glynn who plays there. They had been talking about it whilst watching the first game of Wimbledon on TV. Cati had played tennis at school, but really fancied giving it another try and thought it would be a good sport to do over the summer. Glynn said he'd go with her and at exactly 3.45pm he knocked on the door. It was a sunny evening but with a very slight breeze, Glynn said it was perfect conditions for a game of tennis. Cati was wearing the new tennis skirt her mum had given her and some bright white trainers that she had bought with some money that she was given for her birthday. She looked great!

When they arrived at the tennis club Cati could see lots of children doing stretches. They were warming up ready for the game. "It is very important that you warm up before a game of tennis as it helps prevent you from getting injuries," said Glynn. Cati joined in the stretches, first stretching one leg, then the other, followed by her arms, neck and ankles. The coach asked everyone to slowly jog round the court and gently increase the speed.

After the warm up the coach split the group into pairs and each pair had to see how long they could keep a rally going for. Cati was with a girl called Kirsty who was very good at tennis and she was giving Cati lots of tips. After fifteen minutes they had managed a good rally and had caught the tennis coach's eye.

"Cati, I'd really like to see you play a proper game, why don't you and Kirsty go on to court number 1 and get started and I will come over and watch in five minutes," the coach said. "Go on Cati, you can do it," Cati heard Glynn shout. She nervously walked over to the first court. They tossed a coin to decide who would serve first and Cati won so she picked up the ball and headed towards her back line.

The other children gathered round to watch and encourage Kirsty and Cati. It was a really exciting as the coach had said the first to win five games would be the overall winner. Cati had won three games and Kirsty four so it was very close and Cati knew she had to win the next one to stop Kirsty winning. It was a very close game but unfortunately Kirsty won and her and Cati met at the net to shake hands. "You played really well," said Kirsty, "Especially considering this is your first time at the club."

Cati was wandering off to the changing rooms to get a shower when the coach called her name. He was stood with Kirsty. "Cati there is a tennis tournament next month and I would like to enter you and Kirsty into the doubles. I know you are only just starting but I think you have a talent and with lots of practice over the next few weeks you will do really well." Cati was delighted that her first night at the club had gone so well and she agreed to try in the tournament with Kirsty. They agreed to meet on Monday evening to start practising together.

"I am really proud of you Cati," said Glynn as they walked home together. "You know what Glynn, I am really proud of myself too and I am looking forward to a great summer of tennis," said Cati.

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