Your School Lunch

Have you got something you want to say about school meals in your school? You can tell your school council what you think by clicking on the link below. Simply print the form out, fill it in and hand it to a member of your school council or a teacher. Tell us what you like best about school meals and what would make them better.

You can download the form by clicking here

This is what Evie Bellamy, aged 10, said about her school lunches. "I love my school lunches. The school cooks are great and they really care about making the meals good for us. I eat lots of vegetables, salad and fruit as I know it is good for me."

Why you should have a school meal:

1. There is always something you will enjoy on the menu and all the meals are healthy.

2. A healthy meal will help you have the energy to play with your friends and be able to learn more in afternoon lessons.

3. You will have the chance to try different foods.

4. You can spend time with your friends. 
Your body is like a car, it needs fuel to make it work. You need a variety of foods to enable you to grow and learn.