Why Have a School Lunch?

We asked some of our headteachers what they thought about the food served in their schools and why they would recommend a school lunch.

Denise Wells, Headteacher of Field House Infants School in Ilkeston told us "Lunchtime is a very important part of the whole school day but it isn't just about the food they eat. Children also learn how to behave in a dining area, how to interact with their friends and try foods they might not have at home. A healthy meal is really important as it sets a child up for afternoon and I would urge all parents to consider this as the best option for their child".

Denis Hanbury, Headteacher of Ripley Junior School, added "I regularly eat in the dining hall and the children love the meals on the menu and the opportunity to spend time with their friends. Our salad bar, bought with the ‘Jamie Oliver' money is a particular success. The meals are fantastic value for money and give the children lots of energy ready for the afternoon lessons"