Special Diets

New food labelling law

From December 2014, all food businesses had to be able to provide information on 14 allergens (listed below) for every recipe/food they produce. These allergens are defined as foods that have most commonly been reported to cause an allergic reaction in people.

They are:

• Cereals containing gluten

• Crustaceans (e.g. prawns)

• Eggs

• Fish

• Peanuts

• Nuts (e.g. almond, cashew, Brazil nuts)

• Soy

• Milk

• Celery

• Mustard

• Sesame seeds

• Suphur dioxide (used as a preservative e.g. in dried fruit)

• Lupin

• Molluscs (e.g. mussels)

This information can be presented in various ways – either on the menu itself, on charts etc. In Enfield Catering, this information is available on this website or via our email address.

Please contact us through our website, or email enfield.catering.services@enfield.gov.uk if you would like any further information.

We can cater for most medically-confirmed allergies.



We provide estimated carbohydrate values for our school menus.


If your require further infromation please contact us through our website, or email enfield.catering.services@enfield.gov.uk.