Taking Care of Yourself

Our bodies are like machines and they need the right fuel to make them work properly.  Our bodies are clever and are able to rebuild and repair themselves.  Think about when you graze your knees or cut your finger - it might have taken a few days but your skin grew back over the graze or cut, didn't it?

And to do this repairing and rebuilding properly, the body needs fuel in the form of food and drink and this needs to be good food and drink.  If you give your body the wrong food regularly, your body won't work properly and you will feel tired, perhaps a bit miserable and possibly even ill.

We have made sure that our school meals are full of the good sort of food and drink to help your body work properly and you feel well!  By having a meal at lunchtime, you will make sure your body will have the proper energy to keep you going all afternoon!