Learning about healthy eating

HC3S can offer a range of services to work with schools to encourage pupils to learn more about the food they are eating, link their meals to a healthy lifestyle and how to pick a balanced meal.

Possible options include:

Healthy Eating Talks

Using the 'Eatwell Guide' to demonstrate a balanaced meal and introduce children to a variety of fruit and vegetable to make meals more interesting

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Teachers and pupils join in to understand the healthy eating concept and produce a meal against the clock!  This is a fun, interactive session that pupils and staff enjoy.

Taster Sessions for Pupils and Parents

HC3S can run taster sessions on an ad hoc basis or as part of a formal parent's evening or other school event.  Small portions of the meals on the current menu will be offered for children and parents to try

Parents are usually very complimentary about the food offered especially if they haven't tried school meals since they were at school.  This is a brilliant way for schools to show how good the food now is in schools.

Cook & Eat Sessions

Interactive cooking lessons for parents and children, using recipes from the school lunch menu to encourage boths groups to try cooking at home.  There is a charge for these sessions to cover the purchase of food and staff time.

Schools should contact their District Manager to discuss any of these suggestions further.