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Privacy Policy

The following statement explains our policy regarding the personal information we collect about you, your child or school pupils. This statement explains how we use the information we collect to provide you with the information you require and improve the service we can offer you. The provision of personal information is entirely voluntary.

The information we collect about you

In the "For Parents and Teachers" section of this website we collect personal information from you when you complete the "What do you think?" questionnaire and the "Contact Us" enquiry form. Both of these facilities are for adults and if you are a child under the age of 18 wishing to complete these forms you must first ask permission from a parent, guardian or teacher. Providing your information on these forms means you will be added to our active customer list unless you choose to opt-out/say no at the bottom of the form. By being on the active customer list you may be contacted occasionally via the website or email for direct marketing purposes. Opting out of the website active customer list does not affect the information you already receive though your child or pupil's school. The personal information we collect from these website forms will not be passed to another organisation, other than those listed below and is only accessible by the producers of My School Lunch, the school catering provider and Hampshire County Council . If you no longer wish your child to be a member of Robby & Rosie´s Club or would like your information removed from the active customer list please email us using the Contact Us form in the parents section of the website.

The information we collect about your child or school pupil

Data will only be collected from a child with the permission of a parent, guardian or teacher. The "For Kids" section of the website includes an online club which is password protected so that all children have to request permission from a responsible adult before entering any of the pages in the club area. There is also a mini-site aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils called the Roxie and Billy site. A child may be given these passwords in school, if this is the case the headteacher or teacher at your child's school has approved access for all children in the class/school. By giving permission to enter the club areas of the website you are giving authorisation for your child or pupil to take part in all activities in this area which includes permission to submit personal information, receive automated email responses and enter competitions. Where personal information is collected this will not be used for any form of direct marketing. No information which will identify a child will be displayed on the website without parental permission.

The Robby & Rosie Club area consists of:

About Robby & Rosie : This page contains information about the mascot and what they represent. From time to time, children may be asked to send in their own ideas, stories or poems about the character or enter special competitions. All of these activities will be conducted with the child's online safety in mind.

Competition: This page will have regular competitions for children to enter. Competition prizes will be awarded through schools. For specific rules for each competition please refer to the competition rules on the competition page.

Tell Robby & Rosie : This page has been set-up for educational reasons, to help children learn about email communication. Children are asked a question by Robby & Rosie and when they complete the form are either sent an email response by Robby & Rosie or if the child does not provide an email address the response is immediately displayed on the website page. To see how any personal thoughts collected from a child are used, please read "What we do with the information you provide".

Use of Cookies

Whilst you are browsing the My School Lunch website, a cookie( small computer file) is stored on your computer in order that we can identify your session and, in the case of the Online Club, grant you access. Your web browser destroys this cookie after 20 minutes of inactivity, or when you close the web browser application. At no stage is any personal information stored in a cookie, or any information that would allow us to identify you as an individual. For more information about cookies please visit

What we do with the information you provide

The information we collect in the "For Parents and Teachers" section of the website is for answering your questions and developing enhancements to the website and catering service within schools. Although personal information will not be released to external companies, we may share aggregate information with other local authorities or suppliers for benchmarking and developmental reasons.

The information we collect in the "For Kids" and Roxie and Billy section is for the purpose of running the Online Club and competitions, educational and developmental reasons. Where opinions of an individual child are sought this information will not be shared with anyone other than the producers of My School Lunch, the school catering provider, Hampshire County Council and where necessary the child's school. Aggregate information may be shared with other local authorities or suppliers for benchmarking or developmental reasons.

External Links

This website provides links to a number of external websites, My School Lunch is not in any way responsible for how such websites will use information about you of the content of such websites. You should check how such websites will use information about you and or child under under your care and that the content of such websites is suitable for the child/children under your care.the privacy practices or content of such websites.


All data is held securely and in line with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. While we strive to keep the information that you supply secure once we have received it, please be aware that the Internet is not a fully secure medium of sending information, as other people may ber able to read any information you send to us via the internet.

Subject Access Requests

Parents and Teachers can request to see the information stored on their child or pupil. If you would like to see a copy of this information please submit a request through the "Contact Us" form and you will be contacted by the appropriate person. There is no charge for this information
This privacy policy may be updated from time to time so you may wish to check it each time you submit personal information to any My School Lunch website. The date of the most recent revisions will appear on this page.

Policy revised July 2010