What is the SFP?

During 2012, the government asked Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent (Leon restaurant chain) to carry out a review of school food.  Their plan was released in July 2013, and below are some of the highlights you may find interesting in relation to Hampshire’s school meal service.

The government has decided to implement the following:

  • Inclusion of cooking in the school curriculum
  • Emphasise the lunchtime experience within future Ofsted assessments

The aspirational elements of the plan, which the reviewers would like to see implemented, include:

  • Introduction of food based standards for all schools for September 2014 (this may change how we put our menus together)
  • Investigation into the case of extending free school meals entitlement
  • Measuring success – including take up, nutritional quality, morale of workforce
  • Improving the image of school food - devise a branding strategy
  • Improving the skills of the workforce i.e. with a specific qualification for cooks
  • Ensuring small schools are fairly funded and can provide good food
  • Including food and nutrition in headteacher training
  • More headteacher involvement in school food, for example
  • Eat in the dining room with the children
  • Offer cooking lessons for parents
  • Discourage packed lunches
  • Introduce cashless systems

HC3S has done a lot during the last few years to make sure our school food is of a high quality.  The increase in uptake over the last couple of years is obviously testament to the fact parents believe our meals are value for money, good quality and their children are enjoying them.

We would however support any initiative that would help us continue to improve our service and encourage uptake; working with schools to achieve implementation of any changes.