Special Diets

Nut allergy children can eat the standard primary menu as all products have been confirmed as manufactured in a nut free environment.

For other allergies:

  • Parents should contact their school and will need to complete an HC300 Special Diet Form to register with HC3S.
  • Medical evidence per allergy is required for a special diet and must be attached to the form. 
  • Children will not be fed a special allergy diet until they are registered and their needs agreed.
  • HC3S can cater for dairy free, egg free and wheat and gluten free diets.
  • Combination diets to satisfy multiple allergies are provided if possible.
  • HC3S endeavours to keep special diets as close to the standard menu as possible to avoid children being ‘different’.
  • A non-meat option is available daily.
  • Carbohydrate values are available on request.