Food for Life Served Here

We are thrilled that we have passed with flying colours our annual Food for Life Served Here Catering Mark inspection! Achievement of the Catering Mark gives us the independent recognition that our school meals are freshly prepared, using environmentally sustainable and seasonal ingredients.

During the rigorous inspection at one of our academies, we demonstrated that:

  • we do not use ingredients that contain undesirable additives, trans fats or genetically modified ingredients
  • more than 75% of our dishes are freshly prepared - the inspector assessed that our menus are more than 90% freshly prepared
  • all meat is from farms which meet UK welfare standards
  • no fish is served from the Marine Conservation Society 'Fish to Avoid' list
  • only free range eggs are used
  • our menus offer in-season produce (find out more here)
  • we know where our food and ingredients come from

Working closely with our local suppliers means that we know where our food is grown. We know that more than 50% of the fruits and vegetables that we serve to children are grown in the North West, and the majority of the milk drunk by children at lunch time is from cows grazing of farms in Flixton, Manchester!

All of our primary and secondary schools proudly display their Food for Life Served Here bronze award certificates for customers and visitors to admire.

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If you would like more information about Food for Life Served Here, please visit their website

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