Another Win for Manchester Fayre!

17 August 2018

Manchester Fayre’s nutrition team were recently announced the winners of the prestigious LACA  Nan Berger Memorial Award 2018. The LACA (Lead Association for Catering in Education) award was in recognition of the work and activities the team have delivered to support the major health challenges faced by children in Manchester. Cooking clubs, parent workshops and nutrition lessons have been developed by the team and delivered in schools across Manchester, which has resulted in healthier packed lunches, improvement in pupil nutrition knowledge and also the design of a recipe book in partnership with Manchester Healthy Schools, comprised of recipes prepared by school pupils.

Winning the Nan Berger Memorial Award is national recognition for Manchester Fayre, after the namesake Nan Berger who was a founding member of LACA, the award recognises excellence in the field of innovation, accreditation, collaborations and actions which have led to raising the profile of school meals.

The initiatives that Manchester Fayre’s nutrition team are delivering in schools envelope the Our Manchester approach by supporting families to have a healthier lifestyle and we are thrilled that this has also been recognised at a national level.

 Nan Berger Award Winners

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