National Health and Nutrition Award Success for Manchester

Manchester Fayre have recently been awarded the prestigious Cost Sector PS100 Health and Nutrition Award for their fun but educational tool kit titled the "Box of Tricks".
This interactive session has been designed to support pupils and parents with health awareness, and therefore linking with the Healthy Weight Strategy to reduce the level of overweight and obesity in reception and year 6 pupils.  This health promotion session highlights the hidden fat, sugar and salt in food and drinks commonly targeted at children. The tool has been successfully received, as evidenced by the feedback from parents, pupils and head teachers. 
Since its conception, the model has been delivered into more than 40 Manchester Fayre schools, (40% being pupil lessons and 60% parent sessions) with a programme planned to roll the sessions out to all Manchester Fayre schools. Requests for repeat visits into schools have also been received.
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