Why Have a School Lunch?

Choosing the school meal option removes the daily burden of having to prepare a varied and nutritionally balanced packed lunch. You can have peace of mind that with the wide variety of school meal choices available every day,  there will always be something on the menu that your child will enjoy. You can be further reassured that:

  • All of our school dinners are prepared by trained staff in kitchens everyday using fresh ingredients. Have a look at the primary menu section to see what is being served in your child's school today
  • Our nutrition team keep us in check to ensure that all of our menus meet current nutritional standards and allergen legislation
  • Special dietary requirements can be easily catered for, please see our 'Food' section for further information
  • School meals provide your child with the opportunity to develop social skills while they enjoy eating with other children
  • Research has shown that a healthy, nutritious school meal can help provide your child with the energy required to maintain concentration in class and cope with the demands of the school day
  • We have regular theme day menus that link to cultural and educational events, find out here which theme menus we've got planned for the new school year

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If you have any questions about the school meals at your child's school, you can either discuss them directly with the Unit Manager in the school kitchen, or contact our head office team using the 'contact us' link.