Food Sourcing

Great tasting food starts with good quality ingredients. That’s why we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we receive the best produce, so that we can continue to serve award winning meals in your school, everyday. Check out our local food supplier map here to find out where our school meal produce comes from.

We source our fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, and free range eggs from Ralph Livesey Ltd who are based next door in Lancashire, and is a long standing family of farmers with over 100 years experience.

Working closely with our suppliers means that we not only know which farms our produce is grown, we’ve also visited them! Last year we saw where our jacket potatoes grow in Skelmerdale, and recently we've seen a colourful assortment of salad items growing in the fields of Southport.IMG 3817

After our trip to the farm, Livesey's generously supplied all of our schools with Romanesco cauliflowers that we saw growing in Tarleton. They taste more similar to a broccoli and went down a storm with our customers at lunch time!

IMG 3742

The cheese that we use in sandwiches, jacket potatoes and within recipes is locally produced by Dewlay Cheesemakers, based in Garstang, Lancashire. They source their milk from nine dairy farmers within a ten-mile radius of their site, and are unique in that they have their own wind turbine that powers their entire operation.  


Of course, before any food is approved for inclusion on the school menu, our nutrition team check the food specification against Manchester Fayre's Food Standard, this means that we do not use ingredients that contain:

  • harmful additives, artificial trans-fats or have been geneticallly modified
  • gelatine, lard, animal suet or whey made using animal rennet

We only use vegetable based oils and fats in the preparation and cooking of our recipes. To view the full content of our Food Standard, please click here.