How we are supporting schools

We were fully prepared for the introduction of Universal infant Free School Meals (Uifsm) last September and recruited over 80 new members of catering staff to support the increase in school meals. Our uptake of Uifsm has exceeded the national average with over 89% of children choosing to have a school meal.

As well as ensuring we had extra equipment and staff in place to prepare and serve school meals, we also recognised that there might be a bit more queuing involved for children. To help keep hungry children occupied, whilst minimising disruption, we have designed educational game cards for Lunch Time Organisers to 'play' that link with the school menu. 

To assist schools with achieving the action points within the head teacher checklist, we have adapted the checklist detailing the activities and support that we deliver every day in schools, as part of our service, click here to view a copy.