What is the SFP?

The School Food Plan was launched July 2013, and includes 16 action points considered needed to transform what children eat in school and how they learn about food.

The authors of the plan, John Vincent and Henry Dimbleby, are the co-ownders of a healthy fast food chain in London, and were commissioned by the Government to carry out a review of school food. Their findings were presented as 'The School Food Plan', quite different to a traditional Government report.

The plan is very much promoting a ‘whole school approach’ to school food, and recognises that the person with the power to make changes to support a whole school approach is the Head teacher. A ‘Head teacher checklist’  has been designed, which is a brief guide to the practical steps that schools can make to improve the take up of school meals.

For more information about the School Food Plan and to download a copy of the plan, please visit www.schoolfoodplan.com