Health Promotion Activities

Health Promotion Activities delivered by Manchester Fayre

Our dedicated nutrition team have a range of health promotion activities that they can deliver in schools to support both pupils and families with making healthier food choices. Examples of the activities include:

The award winning 'Box of Tricks'

  • Did you know there is a much sugar in some of the so called 'healthy' breakfast bars as there is in a 20g bar of chocolate?
  • Did you know there are 7 teaspoons of sugar in a 330ml can of cola?
  • Did you know that baked crisps contain 20% less fat than regular crisps?

This interactive and visual activity engages with KS2 pupils and encourages them to discuss and consider alternative healthier food and drinks.

Learn to Label

Supporting pupils with understanding the complex information featured on a food label, the nutrition team use a fun and interactive approach to dispel the confusion often experienced when reading food labels, therefore encouraging pupils to make informed food selections.

Turf to Tummies

Another award winning health promotion tool designed in house by the Manchester Fayre team. Turf to Tummies is an educational toolkit (as shown below) that educates children about how foods are grown, how they can be incorporated into their diet, where they may feature on the school menu therefore highlighting how foods can be prepared and cooked, and also the nutritional benefits of eating the food.



Informal Parent / Carer Workshops

The nutrition team also support families with understanding more about their children's diets. Using the box of tricks, and other visual health promotion models (shown below) an informal session is delivered which encourages discussion amongst the group, to not only share experiences but also to discuss ideas to promote and encourage healthier food choices with children


If you would like further information about our health promotion activities please use the 'contact us' link on our website.