Why Have a School Lunch?

At high school, pupils generally have more freedom to make their own lunch time choices, which can be a worry! However, choosing the school meal option gives you the reassurance that whilst there is choice available, menus are planned to enourage pupils to make varied and healthy meal choices each day. You can be further reassured that:

  • All of our school dinners are prepared by trained staff in kitchens everyday using fresh ingredients. Have a look at the secondary menu section to see a sample menu and view the range of choices available
  • Our nutrition team keep us in check to ensure that all of our menus meet current nutritional standards and allergen legislation
  • Special dietary requirements can be easily catered for, please see our 'Food' section for further information
  • We have local suppliers that provide our kitchens wtih meat, fruits, vegetables and milk; over 90% of the meals we offer are homemade
  • School meals provide your child with the opportunity to develop social skills while they enjoy eating with other children
  • Research has shown that a healthy, nutritious school meal can help provide your child with the energy required to maintain concentration in class and cope with the demands of the school day
  • We have regular theme day menus and food promotions to encourage pupils to 'try something new'!

Our school meals really do provide excellent value for money, pupils can purchase a two course meal with a drink for £2.50*

*please confirm the exact price of a school meal with your child’s school.