Food Sourcing

Great tasting food starts with good quality ingredients. That’s why we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we receive the best produce, so that we can continue to serve award winning meals in your school, everyday. We believe that using locally sourced produce not only means high quality food, but also means that we are limiting our carbon footprint whilst supporting local businesses.  

Manchester Fayre sources their fresh fruits, vegetables and free range eggs from Ralph Livesey Ltd and their meat and poultry from TC Meats Ltd; both of whom are Greater Manchester based suppliers. So let’s meet them…

Ralph Livesey Ltd

"We are a long standing family of farmers with over 100 years experience of the fruit and vegetable supply industry. We are passionate about the consistency of freshness, quality and taste, so we buy the best 'fresh from the field' produce direct from our Lancashire growers".

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TC Meats Ltd

"TC Meats Ltd is a family-run catering butchers in Manchester. It was founded over 20 years ago and is now supplying many cafes, restaurants, hospitals and schools with a large variety of raw and cooked meats prepared on our premises. We are fully accredited with the Halal Food Authority and STS. TC Meats are dedicated to working closely with local authorities to increase our offering of farm assured produce and strengthen our links with farm assured organic and free range suppliers.”

Working closely with our suppliers means that we know which farms our produce is grown; more than 50% of the fruits and vegetables that we serve is grown in the North West, and the majority of the milk that we use in our recipes is from cows who graze on farms in Flixton.

Before any food is approved for inclusion on the school menu, our nutrition team check the food specification against Manchester Fayre's Food Standard, this means that we do not use ingredients that contain:

  • harmful additives, artificial trans-fats or have been geneticallly modified
  • gelatine, lard, animal suet or whey made using animal rennet

We only use vegetable based oils and fats in the preparation and cooking of our recipes. To view the full content of our Food Standard, please click here.