Special Dietary Requirements

We can cater for pupils with special diets that may be required due to food allergies, intolerances or a metabolic imbalance. As more than 90% of our meals are made from scratch, we are able to easily adapt meals to cater for pupils with special dietary requirements, for example gluten and dairy free diets. Our Nutritionist will work with the school catering team to ensure that a suitable menu choice is available each day.

We do ask for written confirmation of the dietary request; this may be from a GP, Allergy Nurse, Paediatrician or Dietician, for example. This ensures that we have the full and accurate information about the dietary request, and therefore not unnecessarily excluding foods from a child’s diet. You can view a copy of our medical diet policy here.

Our Nutritionist screens all food specifications to assess the suitability for different diets, for example if a food contains wheat or eggs. As you may be aware, there is an increase in people being diagnosed with food allergies, therefore new legislation has been introduced, to inform consumers of the allergens present in food. This legislation will also apply to school meals. Look at the Allergen Legislation page to find out more information.

If your child does have a special dietary requirement, please inform your school who will notify their Catering Team. Please remember to provide the necessary written confirmation from a medical professional as detailed above.