Why Have a School Lunch?

Herbie Serving LunchThere are many reasons why children benefit from staying for school lunches. Children use up a great deal of energy during a full school day. They need to concentrate during lessons, let off steam at play times and recharge their batteries for the afternoon.

Eating a school meal helps to achieve this and provides the following:

  • Hot, healthy and nutritionally balanced menus which meet the Government food standards. 

  • A selection of homemade products and meals that pupils will recognise which provide choice and variety to suit all tastes.

  • Value for money for a two course meal.

  • Convenience – saving you time preparing packed lunches.

  • Enhanced learning abilities – studies have shown that children concentrate better in lessons if they have had a fulfilling lunchtime meal.

  • Teaches children the social skills involved with eating with others and how to make choices – learning need not stop when the lunch bell goes.

  • Allows a child to relax in a safe, supervised environment with friends.