Why Have a School Lunch?

 A bad diet can cause obesity, increases your risk of heart disease and can lower your life span.  Whilst many of us aren't worried about this whilst we are young in actual fact eating a healthy diet affects you now more than you realise. 

Here's why a healthy school lunch can really help you now:-

  • You will have more energy to spend time with your friends after school.  Those who don’t eat properly will start to feel tired and run down before the school bell has even rung.
  • A good diet helps you excel in sport activity.  Ask any sports star about healthy eating and they will tell you what an impact this has on their success. 
  • Not eating regular meals and being underweight can have serious affects on your health. 
  • Eating healthy food at regular times will improve your concentration in the classroom which can improve your grades and help you get a job or go on to higher education.
    You will have more energy for your football or netball match after school if you eat a healthy lunchtime meal.
  • Eating a healthy diet reduces the risk of illnesses such as anaemia which means you can enjoy life to the full and make the most of your weekends and evenings.
  • A healthy diet also reduces the risk of tooth decay which takes the pain out of that dreaded visit to the dentist.

With all these benefits doesn’t it make sense to eat regular healthy meals? 

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