Your School Lunch


Healthy eating is so important and school lunches provide you with all the energy you need for the rest of the school day. Max and Min say, “Lets agree on a few things."

  • We need food to refuel our bodies. 
  • Eating the right foods helps to keep you healthy.
  • Mealtimes together with friends are fun.
  • Eating should be fun

School Lunches are great for you because:

  • You can choose what you want each day.
  • You get to try new things you may not have had before.
  • The dinner staff look after you.
  • The food is fresh and appetising.
  • You know that its good for you.
  • School lunches fully comply with the new government standards for school meals.

Check out the poem below to find out what Max and Min think of school meals:

Max and Min are in a spin, not knowing what to do!
Should they choose menu item one, or maybe item two.

Balance is the way to go, include those minerals too!
Five fruit or veg for healthier kids, and minimum sugar for you.

Max is keen on carbo’s, Min thinks proteins are cool!
Why don’t we have salad and pizza, followed by strawberry fool.

Our friends stay fit by eating right, and exercising too!
Great food, great games and lots of fun will build a healthier you!

So if your’ keen to grown up strong, and fit and healthy too!
Just follow Max and Min’s example.  School dinners are good for you.