Parent's survey

City Catering Southampton Primary Parents School Meals Survey

We would like to ask you some questions about school meals. Your opinions are important to us – even if your child/children does not currently have school meals.
1. What does your child/children eat for lunch?

2. How often does your child/children eat a school lunch?

Q3. Are you aware of the menu choices available for the day/week in advance?

Q4. Do you receive the menu leaflet?

Q5. Have you ever had the opportunity of having a meal at your child/children’s school?

Q6. Is this something you would like your child/children’s school to offer?

Q7. Do you feel your child/children’s school actively promote school meals?

Q8. What do you think of the quality of food offered?

Q9. What do you think of the value for money of the school meal offered?

Q10. If your child/children do not have a school meal please indicate which of these affects your decision about what’s best for your child(ren) to eat at lunch?

Q11. Any further comments on school meals?