A Balanced Lunch

The bigger picture.
City Catering Southampton is proud of the primary lunches we serve, and we believe that at £2.00 they offer excellent value for money and are a healthy option for your child.

Although school meals provide a small proportion of the total food consumption of any pupil in a year, they offer a good nutritional balance which complies with the Government's new statutory standards for School Lunches, they introduce children to dishes they might not otherwise encounter, and enable partnerships with schools to make mealtimes part of the total learning experience.

Nutritional issues.
City Catering Southampton is committed to Healthier Eating and work in partnership with schools to promote the health and welfare of pupils.  We pay particular attention to the nutritional quality of school meals and our menus offer a balanced choice which fully complies with the statutory standards for primary school lunches.

Making school meals fun.
Studies have shown that children who have regular access to nutritionally balanced meals are not only happier, but are also able to concentrate more.  Proper nutrition enhances children’s learning abilities.  We recognise the part that school lunches have to play in the development of children and our staff work hard to ensure that your child enjoys lunchtime.  We encourage children to try new foods and offer taster sessions in schools.

Our “Max” dolphin character, as featured on our weekly menu boards and parent menu guides, is used to encourage children to eat a balanced diet.

Your guide to healthier packed lunches.
We appreciate that some children prefer to bring a packed lunch, and, although this falls outside of our remit, our commitment to healthier eating is such that we are happy to provide guidelines to parents to aid the provision of healthier, balanced packed lunch choices.

Click here to download the Children's Food Trust guidance for packed lunches.