Food Sourcing

The quality of our food products is important to us and we are regularly looking at our food sourcing.  

All potential food products are analysed for ingredient and nutritional value against our strict assessment criteria. Each product has an intolerance sheet listing all ingredients and giving allergy advice. Before any dish or product is put on our menu it goes through lots of testing by our Development Group  which includes a panel of Kitchen Supervisors and the City Catering Management team.  It is then trialled in school kitchens to get feedback from our customers.

To pass the test it must taste good, give value for money, look visually appealing, meet School Food Trust guidelines nutritionally and fit well into our menu cycle. We also look for local sustainable produce free of additives or unnecessary processing and use locally produced free range eggs.


We are able to source a limited range of confectionery, beverage products and fruit e.g. fruit juice, tea, coffee and bananas produced under the Fairtrade banner.

City Catering is committed to offering its customers food products, which have been produced, stored and delivered in the safest, most hygienic manner. We place stringent contractual demands on our suppliers in support of legislative requirements and optimum trade operating practices.

Our suppliers

We have regular meetings and contact with our national and local suppliers to review all products for both value and quality.