Menus & Prices

For secondary school pupils we provide either the 'Cafe Combo' meal option, or a range of meal choices which students pay for in their canteen.

Cafe Combo

A 2-course meal, costing £2.15 per day, including:

  • a complete main meal OR a boxed salad OR a filled jacket potato
  • a piece of fresh fruit
  • 189ml carton of fresh milk OR 330ml bottle of plain water

The cafeteria choice

Our cafeteria meal choices include traditional meal favourites and international dishes such as curries, lasagne, pasta, and roasts. When chosen regularly, our meals include the food groups identified in the 'Balance of Good Health'. This will allow your child to enjoy the benefits of a balanced diet.

Freshly made main meals


Vegetarian meals


A range of burgers served in a bap with salad garnish


Homemade pizza wedges


Fruit or vegetable bags


Plain jacket potatoes


Filled jackets


Grated cheese, tuna and side salad portions

 From 62p

Freshly made sandwiches, filled bread rolls and baguettes

From £1.28

Homemade cookies/cakes/muffins

 From 50p

Milk, fruit juice and water drinks

From 45p