Taking Care of Yourself

The most important thing is you enjoy what you eat.

Try to eat lots of these

  • Fruit - fresh fruit, dried fruit, canned fruit, fruit juice
  • Vegetables - frozen, fresh, canned, raw, cooked
  • Carbohydrates - pasta, potatoes, rice, cereals, cous cous, noodles, bread

Eat some of these

  • Protein - fish, meat, eggs, pulses & beans
  • Dairy - yoghurt, cheese, milk

Eat only a little of these

  • Fats - margarine, cream, ice cream, cakes
  • Sugars - fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate, ice cream, cakes and biscuits

And remember:

  • Choose what you eat sensibly. The best way to stay fit and healthy is to vary your diet, eating foods from each food group. Have a look at the Balance of Good Health food wheel to see how much of each food type you should eat
  • Try to reduce the amount of salt you eat - don't add salt to food. There is a lot already contained within food, in cereals and bread and lots of other things.
  • Try to limit snacks in between meals- 2 per day should be plenty. One in the morning and one in the afternoon, and of course try to make them as healthy as possible.
  • Take lots of exercise - why not walk to school, check out the fun activities at the local leisure centre and play games with your friends