Why Have a School Lunch?

Every day across the county our dedicated catering professionals are preparing and cooking fresh ingredients to provide nutritious and delicious home style food in the knowledge that a balanced nutritious lunch feeds the mind as well as the body to ensure pupils get the best out of their school day.

Research carried out by the Children’s Food Trust shows that children who eat a nutritionally balanced meal at lunch time were more alert and over three times more likely to be 'on-task' working with a teacher after lunch time, than those who didn't. In addition research carried out by Oxford and Essex universities showed children eating healthier lunches do far better in tests and absences through sickness dropped by around 14%. Children joining us for lunch will also:

  • Benefit from eating with others and developing social skills
  • Enjoy relaxing with their friends
  • Develop tastes for different foods
  • Have the confidence to make choices
  • Take part in fun initiatives that encourage children to think about diet and lifestyles

So check out the menu on display in your school today or view the weekly menus on this website.

From September 2018 the price per meal will be £2.30 per day, but don’t forget that you may be entitled to a free school meal. To find out more speak to the school office.