Palma Pudding

This is a pudding that is very similar to Christmas Pudding but not as rich.

Country of Origin:
Preparation Time: 15 Minutes


Flour (plain)    150 grams 0 0
Margarine (melted)    115 grams 0 0
Breadcrumbs (fresh)    115 grams 0 0
Syrup (golden)    115 grams 0 0
Bicarbonate Soda    15 grams 0 0
Currants    100 grams 0 0
Sultanas    100 grams 0 0
Milk & Water Mix    0 0 0

1. Put all the ingredients together in a bowl and mix with milk and water till mixture just drops off the spoon when tapped. 2. Divide the mixture into loaf tins, which have been lined with greaseproof paper and greased (or bakewell paper). 3. Cover with foil and bake at 180°C Gas Mark 4, or 350°F. Check after 1 hour.

Serving Suggestion

As a dessert after any main course. Serve with custard or cream

Medical Diets

    Gluten Free

    Dairy Free

    Wheat Free







    Sunday Lunch

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