Food Sourcing

The Food We Use

Our reputation for serving quality foods using the finest honestly sourced ingredients you can trust. We can provide full traceability for all our raw ingredients from field to fork.

Responsible sourcing

Issues of animal welfare, genetically modified foods, avoidance of endangered species, assurance of quality and ethical sourcing are all important considerations in our food contracts. Our sustainable sourcing strategy includes the following objectives:

  • To provide full traceability of products and suppliers within our approved supply chain to ensure that sustainable, ethical and safety standards are built into our requirements.
  • To support British sourcing, working with farmers and growers to use local and regional produce made, grown or reared to support local or regional requirements.
  • To work in partnership with our clients, suppliers and distributors to reduce the impact of our business on the environment, supporting Fair-trade farmers and their communities.
  • To specify assurance standards for meat and poultry in food contracts. These Assurance schemes encompass food safety, traceability, environmental and animal welfare issues. In addition to Vendor Assurance Audits, we require independent audits such as SGS UK Ltd, or any other nominated technical inspectors to conduct technical hygiene audits.

Local and regional produce

In recent years, the emphasis has been placed on sourcing more local and regional produce wherever possible. The service and procurement teams are in consultation with various organisations with a view to further increasing wherever possible our locally and regionally sourced produce during the appropriate growing seasons.

Did you know?

  • We only use free range eggs on our menus via a local supplier at Great Hookley Farm in Elstead, Surrey.
  • All fish featured on the menu is fished from a recognised sustainable source.
  • We only use British Red Tractor / Farm Assured Meat and poultry on our menus. 
  • The yoghurts on our menus are sourced locally from an award winning family owned business.
  • Our flour is sourced locally from family run flour millers who have been milling flour since 1824.