Additives policy

The ingredients or products which feature on our menus do not contain any of the undesirable additives listed below.


E102 tartrazine
E104 quinoline yellow
E107 yellow 2G
E110 sunset yellow
E120 cochineal
E122 carmoisine
E123 amaranth
E124 ponceau 4R s
E129 allura red
E131 patent blue V
E132 indigo carmine
E133 brilliant blue FCF
E151 black PN


E950 acesulfame K
E951 aspartame
E954 sodium saccharine


E621 monosodium glutamate
E635 sodium 5 – ribonucleotide


E211 sodium benzoate

*Note – this list includes additives that could be linked to a negative effect on children’s behaviour, according to 2007 Southampton University research commissioned by the Food Standards Agency. The list also includes other additives common in children’s food that have been identified as problematic by the Hyperactive Children’s Support Group.

Trans fats – We do not use trans fats